Camino Portugués Brucy Bonus

I have finally found some time since returning from my second Camino to make my customary video of the trip. It has been a bit hectic for me since arriving home; my feet were only on British soil for a week, before I was boarding a plane to Amsterdam for a training in course; IContinue reading “Camino Portugués Brucy Bonus”

Out and About in Porto

First thing I did once checked into Porto was do a bit of clothes shopping. If I’m spending a few days in civilisation, I don’t want to look and smell like a pilgrim! It was a late one Tuesday as Hailey flew out Wednesday afternoon, thus we celebrated her last night of her Camino adventure.Continue reading “Out and About in Porto”

Full Circle

I still have a week left of my leave and most of my Camino friends have either left or due to leave today. I had the option to go to Fisterra or fly back. However checking the flights they were either too expensive or too early for me to get the bus back from Fisterra,Continue reading “Full Circle”

Relaxing in Santiago

I rolled out of bed around 8, enjoying the extra sleep. I went for some breakfast then had a walk around while it was quiet. I went to visit Santiago’s tomb and the cathedral. For lunch I met up with my Camino friends and said goodbye to Jelonda, as she would be heading home. InContinue reading “Relaxing in Santiago”

Faramello to Santiago de Compostela

It was a good night sleep as we left the windows open to allow air movement, keeping the room nice and cool; also the sangre we had last night helped, as we celebrated our last night before Santiago. We left at dawn walking in the cool misty air. As it is Sunday, most of theContinue reading “Faramello to Santiago de Compostela”

Vilanova to O Faramello

After breakfast in Vilanova, I made my way to the harbour to watch the fishing boats come and go while I waited for the boat to Padrón. 9.15am I was cruising up the estuary and the Rio Ulla. The boat stopped to watch a fishing boat in action, pulling the catch from the shellfish farmsContinue reading “Vilanova to O Faramello”

Armenteira to Vilanova de Arousa

The albergue stirred around 6am, so I joined in and geared up for the day. 30mins later I was back on the way. Yesterday was hills and forest, today was rivers and sea. For 13km the route follows the Rego da Armenteira and the Rio Umia. It was pitch black resulting in the use ofContinue reading “Armenteira to Vilanova de Arousa”

Arcade to Armenteira

It was stiflingly hot last night in the albergue and even packing my bag, had me sweating like I was climbing O Cebreiro on the Camino Frances! It was a relief to be out walking in the cool sea air, it was also overcast. Perfecto! We crossed the bridge in to Ponte Sampoio, which wasContinue reading “Arcade to Armenteira”

Mos to Arcade

Two turigrinos had set their alarm for 5am then proceeded to make breakfast waking everyone up in the albergue. It had gone 6 and they were still chatting away and clinking cutlery. I decided to get packed and hit the Camino. I was out the door by 7 and dawn still hadn’t arrived. It remindedContinue reading “Mos to Arcade”

Valença to Mos

It was a very hot and uncomfortable night with little sleep. There was no breeze, so I pretty much melted into the mattress. After breakfast at the guesthouse, Jelonda said her goodbyes as she was going to take a short day, by 8.30 me and Daniel set off. The route goes through the old fortContinue reading “Valença to Mos”