TSW Compilation Video

It’s has been just 18 days since I completed ‘The Way of St. Werburgh’ and after a very busy couple of weeks at work, I have managed to find some time to put together a quick video of the journey. It can be found here: Over this pilgrimage I filmed longer videos and narrated themContinue reading “TSW Compilation Video”

TSW Day 4 – Nantwich to Chester

It was the polar opposite to yesterday. The weather played ball, I even caught the sun! The way markers were 99% of the time on par. There was one marker coming out of Bunbury that was on the wrong direction, however it was a dead give away, as it wasn’t pointing to the big hillContinue reading “TSW Day 4 – Nantwich to Chester”

TSW Day 3 – Trentham to Nantwich

Robert Burns once penned, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” in his poem ‘To a Mouse’. No truer words could describe todays journey. The sun was out although a little on the chilly side, when I rejoined the trail at Trentham. The path follows Longton Brook before cutting through aContinue reading “TSW Day 3 – Trentham to Nantwich”

TSW Day 2 – Stafford to Trentham

Absolute glorious start of the day, not a cloud in sight with the temperature cool enough to make it perfect walking conditions. Picking the trail up from where I left off, at St. Chads, it follows the high street up and around HMP Stafford. I didn’t envy the prison officers who were arriving to startContinue reading “TSW Day 2 – Stafford to Trentham”

Preparing to Walk with the Saints

With only a week to go, I’m getting prepared and very much looking forward to my first through hike of the year. I’ve even ordered some new walking trousers! I’ve given my boots a good clean and waterproofing, and my rucksack is all packed and ready. I’ve plotted my routes on the Ordnance Survey AppContinue reading “Preparing to Walk with the Saints”

The Way of St. Chad

Here is part two on the figures for the Two Saints Way. The Way of St. Chad goes in the opposite direction to St. Werburgh, starting in Chester. Like St. Werburgh, he too was active in the 7th century however unlike our goose loving saint, he came from a Celtic Christian background. St. Chad wasContinue reading “The Way of St. Chad”

The Way of St. Werburgh

Another week closer to my first through hike of the year, and here is one of two posts giving some background on the Saints this pilgrimage is named after. You probably have never heard of St. Werburgh and why her shrine is the destination for pilgrims. So here is a TLDR synopsis. St. Werburgh hadContinue reading “The Way of St. Werburgh”

Two Saints Way

It is becoming a theme with me; three-four months after a through hike/Camino, my legs get restless and pine for another long distance walk. This happened leading up to the Cotswold Way and it is now happening again. I’ve been toying with different ideas for through hikes, and I had settled on walking the entireContinue reading “Two Saints Way”

Kili Day 6 – 17th September 2010

It was an early start and my appetite had returned however worrying I still hadn’t had a movement, those Imodium tablets are super effective! After breakfast we all had a group photograph with the porters and they performed a song for us. The group had all put in money for tips and shared them outContinue reading “Kili Day 6 – 17th September 2010”