Kili Day 6 – 17th September 2010

It was an early start and my appetite had returned however worrying I still hadn’t had a movement, those Imodium tablets are super effective! After breakfast we all had a group photograph with the porters and they performed a song for us. The group had all put in money for tips and shared them outContinue reading “Kili Day 6 – 17th September 2010”

Kili Day 5 – 16th September 2010

My phone alarm woke me at 1130pm giving me time to get sorted for the midnight start (I took another of Tronel’s Imodium). It was pitch black, no light at all, and William was right, it was cold! -15 Celsius! I couldn’t wait to start moving to warm up. Other groups had already set off,Continue reading “Kili Day 5 – 16th September 2010”

Kili Day 4 – 15th September 2010

The clouds and mist had dispersed during the night and when I emerged from the tent, I realised we had camped at the base of the ‘Barranco Wall’. It was a nice surprise yet daunting to see that I had to climb this almost shear rock face. It did look menacing. I woke with aContinue reading “Kili Day 4 – 15th September 2010”

Kili Day 3 – 14th September 2010

My sleep was so much better and my headache was only a flicker of what it was the day before, in fact I soon forgot about it as I began walking. The gradient wasn’t troubling, and I soon got myself into a rhythm. I spent most of the morning chatting to one of the party,Continue reading “Kili Day 3 – 14th September 2010”

Kili Day 2 – 13th September 2010

I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked, but on the plus side I still hadn’t developed a headache. The clouds had disappeared lower down the mountain, and the African sun was pulling no punches; it was scorching! Kibo is now visible at last with the glacier crowning the peak, finally seeingContinue reading “Kili Day 2 – 13th September 2010”

Kili Day 1 – 10th to 12th September 2010

It had been a fairly stressful start to this adventure; I had opted to take the National Express coach to Heathrow, rather than the train like I had done for EBC. Due to traffic, I barely made the change at Milton Keynes. Luckily once I had arrived at the airport, everything went according to plan.Continue reading “Kili Day 1 – 10th to 12th September 2010”

The Roof of Africa

After finishing my Himalayan adventure, I was eager to book another trip, to give me something I can look forward to; I truly had been bitten by the travelling bug. Having seen the tallest mountain in the world, it made me want to climb it, but back in 2009 the cost for a permit wasContinue reading “The Roof of Africa”