Two Saints Way

The Camino is Calling

It is becoming a theme with me; three-four months after a through hike/Camino, my legs get restless and pine for another long distance walk. This happened leading up to the Cotswold Way and it is now happening again.

I’ve been toying with different ideas for through hikes, and I had settled on walking the entire coast of the ‘Isle of Wight’; a small island off the south coast of England.

However, having worked out the logistics and costings, it would be cheaper to go back to Spain and walk a shorter route, such as the Camino Inglés.

A family member recently visited Chester and spotted the scallop shell on a signpost, that as you know, is the symbol for the Camino. After a bit of research, it turns out there is a pilgrimage between the cathedrals in Lichfield and Chester. It is called the ‘Two Saints Way’.

My Camino obsession had been tingled, and so I went into full research mode. Disappointingly there is very little on YouTube, which is usually a good starting point and the websites around this route are a bit clunky and not very helpful, especially regarding accommodation.

Next stop was Amazon to see if there are any books/guides. Luckily there is: The Two Saints Way by David Pott.

Depending on which city you would like to start in, determines the route. I’m planning to start in Lichfield following ‘The Way of St. Werburgh’, which is marked by picture of a goose, a bird that became synonymous with Saint.

The guide recommends undertaking the pilgrimage over seven days, however some of those days are very short and you know me by now, I’m a glutton for punishment; I’m going to walk it in four.

The stages will be:

  • Lichfield to Stafford (20 miles)
  • Stafford to Stoke-on-Trent (23 miles)
  • Stoke-on-Tent to Nantwich (25.5 miles)
  • Nantwich to Chester (23.5 miles)

92 miles! I’ll be stopping at BnBs and one night with family in Stoke. I’m forgoing the tent this time so I can cover the distances at a quicker pace; also means I’ll be using my Camino gear which I’m accustomed to carrying.

Five weeks from now I’ll be donning my pack, tying my laces and walking my first through hike of the year; a little bit of practice before my return to Sarria on the Camino Frances, in September.

3 thoughts on “Two Saints Way

  1. Another one 😁
    I’ve stopped in “the railway” pub in nantwich. Its just been taken over by new people so not sure if they’re still a bnb or just pub now though.


      1. Cool. The Crown has good reviews, some of our reenactors have stopped there as well. Good luck. If you have time there’s some old pubs on Welsh Row.

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